Celebrating 15 years of God’s graciousness.

Leading by Grace is excited to celebrate 15 years of mentoring and coaching pastors, marketplace leaders, families, and individuals who serve our churches, ministries, businesses, and communities.

Our model of church engagement is to integrate within the church community for an extended period of time, generally from six months to five years. Being on site, serving each Sunday as well as at other gatherings, is essential for building relationships of mutual trust and respect. This also provides opportunities for specialized coaching and consulting input.

Typically a church plant, churches in transition, and businesses or individuals in difficulty do not have the financial resources to hire staff or consultants with the expertise and experience necessary for sustainable growth and success. Leading by Grace has been able to freely provide these specialized services thanks to faithful donors like you. In this special report, you will see how your generous donations have been utilized over the past 15 years.

Thank you for your continued prayers and donations that have enabled Leading by Grace to inspire others to live in grace and lead by grace.

By His Grace,
Paul Palmer
Founder/Executive Director