“Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.”

Acts 20:28

Coaching/Mentoring Pastors

Coaching/Mentoring is God’s means of grace to help pastors/clergy grow in their areas of service to God, the church, their families, and the unsaved masses. This intentional, grace-filled coaching/mentoring includes friendship, affirmation, discipleship, advising, teaching, modeling, and advocacy. Coaching/Mentoring can help prevent the unintended affects of ministerial isolation.  You don’t have to be alone.


of Pastors do not have someone they consider a confidant or mentor

I think one of the greatest gifts that any mentor can be to a young disciple in the faith like me is the ability to listen, and to ask good questions, and then to very gently lead someone like me to a greater place of clarity about what needs to happen in my own life and then to have a gentle, nurturing environment in which I can pursue that, where I know that there will be grace and help. Paul is that kind of guy. He’s a leader who can get serious about doctrine. He can talk about ministry. He can go after all of that. But having a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Having somebody who is willing to bear up and shoulder up under the wait that sometimes somebody like me is carrying and to say I know because for years I’ve been there and here’s how God has lead me through, and here’s what I would encourage you. That’s more valuable than I can say.

Justin Erickson

Lead Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

Coaching/Mentoring for Pastors is…

  • intensely grace-filled, relational and intentional.
  • vital and essential for providing one-on-one guidance, affirmation, training, modeling and resources.
  • God’s means of grace for the expeditious and dynamic process of personal and pastoral growth, wisdom, expertise, and multiplicity.
  • God’s intent and design for pastors/clergy and is the Biblical model for successful, sustainable pastoral leadership.
  • a means to increasing effectiveness and fruitfulness for God’s glory.
  • Friendship.  Discipleship. Advising. Teaching. Coaching. Advocacy.  Affirmation.

Highly recommended for…

  • Leaders seriously considering or aspiring to a pastoral ministry position.
  • Church planting pastors.
  • Pastors/Clergy in their first or second appointment.
  • Younger developing para-church ministry leaders.
  • Experienced pastors dealing with
    • High-stress and potential burn out
    • Plateaued growth
    • High conflict situations
    • Transition, or a desire for a future transition
    • Situations needing advocacy/mediation

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